Why Use AppEver to Develop for Android?

Developing good looking functional apps for Android is significantly more difficult than for iPhone apps. iPhone SDK has great looking default UI components that allow building sleek looking apps without extensive UI design experience or mobile development expertise. Android is designed for more experienced Java developers, and does not offer similar components. This means that more is required from graphics, UI design and experience of mobile app development.

This can be seen if we compare simple apps found in Apple App Store and Android Market. The average quality in App Store is significantly better. This means Developing Android app is bit more expensive than iPhone. Industry price for simple iPhone app is around 10-20 k€ and for Android 15-25 k€. Android also has J2ME like fragmentation issues as there are 10 handset manufacturers, over 80 devices in use, 4 screen resolutions and different form factors with or without keyboard. This means QA is usually 1-2 weeks longer than for iPhone.

AppEver Advantage

Appever brings sleek design paradigm, an easy and fast way to build great looking apps. A similar simple app that costs 15-25 k€ coded natively, costs around 7-15k€ built with AppEver and boasts more impressive UI and works more reliably in multiple handsets. Even though main language to develop for Android is Java, AppEver Engine is built mainly with C to have better performance.

This does not mean we don’t code for Android natively if the case requires, but it does mean that simpler apps benefit definitely being built with AppEver.

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