Vive la DustPress! Geniem goes to the Paris WordCamp 2017 event

In June the DustPress team is going to Paris to attend WordCamp Europe, WCEU 2017. It is a huge WordPress convention that attracts people from all over the world and this year it's held in Paris, at Les Docks de Paris. The main event lasts for two days, from friday to saturday. There's also a contributor day on thursday, where people can attend workshops and listen to additional talks held by the contributors.

WordCamp Europe is a community driven event where WordPress enthusiasts around the world come together to share their knowledge and experience with each other. As WordPress powers about a fourth of the whole world’s websites, the community behind it is ever growing and it’s a joy to see more and more professionals becoming a part of the already versatile community.

Geniem is going to WCEU to enjoy the presentations and seminars of different WP pros across the world and to get a general feel of the WordPress buzz during the convention. There are about 70 speakers in the main event, so there’ll be plenty of new information to absorb. We’re excited to hear about the speaker’s experiences and hopefully learn a lot as well.

Our flight leaves on Wednesday and we’re staying in Paris for five days. We’ve rented a nice house from the Montmartre district to use as the HQ for our mobile coding unit. Before the main convention, on Thursday, we’re attending a smaller event held for Finnish WordPress developers.

This provides us with a chance to catch up with old acquaintances, and also meet new fellow coders and WordPress enthusiasts. It’s held in a nice looking café called The Frog & Underground. What better way to start the WP convention than by meeting with like-minded people over some fine beers and burgers!

One of our team’s goals, among enjoying the seminars and the atmosphere in general, is to spread the word about our enterprise grade WordPress framework, DustPress. It’s used to make WordPress development a breeze by utilizing an MVC model and separating the logic and view layers. This way developers can retrieve and modify the data in the models before serving it to the view templates used to render the data into HTML for the client.

We have some DustPress swag that we’re giving to the convention’s attendees, hoping to spark a general interest towards our amazing product! We’re happy to explain in detail about DustPress, its usage and common practices to interested people. The guys can be found from the convention area, wearing purple DustPress t-shirts. If you’re in WCEU as well, come and say hi to us!

During the evenings, we’re going to try to enjoy Paris as much as we can; eat out, walk among the city streets and have fun. Can’t wait to pack our bags and fly off – we hope to see you all soon in Paris!


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