React Native Jigsaw - a practical component collection

React Native Jigsaw is a new component collection that provides a set of commonly used components in React Native Apps. Components use sane default styles but can be easily customized to fit your app’s look and feel. The main purpose of this library is to provide well-documented and easy-to-use components that you can use to avoid "reinventing the wheel" experience and to shorten developing time.

All components support Android and iOS platforms. Jigsaw provides components with easy to use platform agnostic API’s to make multi platform development easier. All of the components can be imported individually to your project as needed.

React Native Jigsaw Demo


Version 1.0. ships with the following set of components:

  • Button – Button component that supports icons and loader
  • CheckBox – Checkbox component
  • RadioButton – Radio button component
  • Input – Text input component
  • NumericInput – Numeric input components with increase and decrease buttons
  • Rating – Star rating component with your custom icon
  • Picker – Picker component for selecting value from list
  • DropdownPicker – Dropdown picker for selecting value from list
  • DateTimePicker – Component for easy date and time selection
  • CollapseContainer – Animated collapsible container
  • ModalContainer – Customizable overlay modal container
  • AutoHideHeaderList – List that hides its header depending on scroll direction

Try it out

Project documentation and codes are available on GitHub:

Project also contains an Example React Native app to try out the components.

You can easily install the component collection to your React Native project via NPM.

npm install react-native-jigsaw –save

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