More and Better Apps for Less

The mobile apps marketplace is getting more significant, Juniper Research estimates now the mobile apps market value will grow from just under 10 million USD 2009 to 32 billion in 2015. This is purely the revenue from paid apps and ad-funded apps.

Brands want to give their apps for free as part of their marketing budget, but still we are in its infancy compared to the web budget. It’s good if digital marketing takes 20% of the full budget, and very good if 20% of that is for mobile (apps, mobile web and SMS combined). So we are talking App budgets around 15k, 25-50k and best case 70-100 k USD.

The Juniper report includes a number of key recommendations for players in the mobile app store ecosystem, cautioning that, while Apple’s App Store has achieved app downloads on an unprecedented scale – 4 billion by April 2010 – brands and developers are warned against ignoring users of other platforms/handsets.

This cross-platform strategy will definitely impact the development budget of Apps. It’s not cheap to build an app to perform in multiple platfroms with high quality.

This is where we want to go with our new Appever product. Offer high quality Apps for iOS, Android, RIM and the rest with high quality, and with a price tag that is within the general App budget.

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